Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We went to Mendoza, Argentina's wine country, a few weeks ago.  It was definitely our most gluttonous weekend.  Of course we wanted to do a tour of the wineries, but instead of the traditional way, we decided to go on bikes. We rented bikes in the morning from a company called Bikes & Wine and we were on way. We biked about 34 km total and went to 7 wineries, an olive vineyard and a chocolate factory. It was incredible and soooo yummy! It was also very very hard on our bums - hurt pretty bad the next day.  The most interesting place we ate at was 1884, Argentina's most famous chef, Frances Mallman's, restaurant. The steaks there were at least 3 feet long, at least. Ridiculous. Really really ridiculous. 

Argentina is know for their Malbec - a red grape from Bordeaux, France. It is used as a blending grape in France but in Argentina it stands on its own and produces an amazing wine with great flavor. Right now, it is the most widely planted grape in the country. Yum...

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